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CV. Rafansa (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

CV Rafansa is a company as a producer (producer) and seller of active lime CaO in Tuban, East Java. We manufacture, combustion and lime milling from our own (industrial) plant. Our factory (industry), produces lime from raw material in the form of limestone (limestone) or limestone from limestone mine in Tuban, East Java. Until the active lime CaO (lime powder) with the mess as needed various industries made from lime.

Active lime, some call it lime or lime powder with an average CaO content of 80%, every day we produce and sell routine in large tonnage and regular (continuous). We supply (active lime suppliers) with various specifications (spec) of active lime. Starting from the active chalk spec mess 100 to the active chalk spec mess 200. In addition in the form of lime powder lime (lime powder), we also can supply (suppliers) limestone (limestone) in the form of chunks (limestone) with various lime lime size.

Our lime factory uses lime processing / milling equipment with machines capable of producing high mess and large capacity. Moreover, our lime plant is also close to lime lime raw material (mine) in Tuban, East Java. This area is one of the largest limestone producing areas in East Java.

To expand the lime marketing area, we have a lime marketing office in Gedangan Sidoarjo, East Java. Making it easier for the industry (factory consumers) to get samples (example) of lime needed for laboratory checks. We can also take prospective customers to survey the location, directly to our factory in Tuban, East Java and see the process of active chalk CaO production.

The price of active CaOk lime we offer, in accordance with the selling price of active chalk CaO in the market. Price adjusts to demand quantity (tonnage), packaging and delivery fleet as well as distance. Regarding the selling price of active lime in the market, you can get a higher price, or relatively the same between us with other lime suppliers. However, usually the difference is on the quality of raw materials, CaO levels and chalk mess.


Menyediakan produk berkualitas dengan layanan handal dan prima untuk memberikan nilai lebih bagi para pelanggan kami


Menciptakan bisnis yang menguntungkan, meningkatkan efisiensi, mengembangkan lebih banyak kompetensi, melayani pangsa pasar yang lebih luas di masa mendatang


Kami jual Kapur Aktif, Bubuk Kapur Aktif, Gamping Powder, Bongkahan Batu Kapur, Granular Kapur untuk segala macam kebutuhan industri diantaranya: Industri Karamik, Industri Pupuk, Industri Semen, Industri Kaca, dan berbagai industri lainnya.


Perum Griya Permata Gedangan Blok M2/16A, Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur Sidoarjo 61254
Jawa Timur , Indonesia


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